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Unlocking Personalized IV Testing to Elevate Functional Health in Your Practice

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

"Most of your reads are walking around at about 55% to 60% of their true state of normal. We have accepted such an erosion of our baseline sense of normalcy as human beings. It is absurd." - Gary Brecka, 10X Health.

Brecka is referring to our body's lack of receiving or ability to process essential raw materials that can raise its function to its full capacity. In most cases, individuals are lacking micronutrients that are hard to find, or difficult to ingest regularly. Crucial vitamins, and minerals that are missing show up on the laboratory test. According to which specializes in health and wellness:

"Nutrient deficiencies exist extensively among many members of the U.S. population. Rich, poor, well, or sick–92 percent of the population is suffering from at least one mineral or vitamin deficiency based on the Dietary Reference Intakes. The entire country is overfed and undernourished. Even if you consume a “perfect” diet, the odds are something is missing."

Overall body vitamin and mineral deficiency may not sound important on the surface, but it is crucial to the body and brain's functions, and deficiencies in any vitamin or micronutrient can lead to serious health concerns.

The Power of Bloodwork

Our body has a unique language, a distinct and original code. A complex formula is written in our blood. Our blood holds the only code in which lies the secret to our ultimate health and well-being. Learning this code and harnessing it can be an absolute game-changer in the voyage towards better health. In the olden days, IV treatments or intravenous therapy, which refers to a method of giving essential nutrients, fluids, and vitamins directly into your bloodstream used to be an absolute shot in the dark.

Personalized IV Treatments and Lab Work at a Glance

Without knowing what kind of health issues our internal code is begging for, IV therapy usually just tries to cover as many bases as possible. Now, with enhanced bloodwork being done, we can find out EXACTLY what your patient's internal code is waiting for. Our partners over at RupaHealth do over 30+ CLIA-certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) labs right from their lab, into the hands of you and your patients, and straight back to the lab. Imagine this: Our bodies are like temples, and IV treatments are the divine nectar that nourishes it. Think about personalized IV treatments as the oil change of the human body. The RupaHealth custom labwork makes sure that the personalized elixir given via IV is catering to your patient's exact needs.

Addressing Common Deficiencies with Bloodwork and IV Therapy

In the modern world, it is common for many of us to have unknowingly larger amounts of deficiencies in vital nutrients and vitamins. The most common and sneaky culprits include Vitamin B12 which is crucial for energy and brain health, Iron which is a key to combating body and brain fatigue, and Vitamin D3 which is essential for bone health and immune system function. These are the heavy hitters of deficiency that all take a large toll on your temple. There are many more micronutrients that go unnoticed. Getting personalized bloodwork done to take a view internally through our blood code is a crucial step to figuring out exactly what has to be given to our nutrient-craving bodies. Fortunately, this is where bloodwork and personalized IV therapy shine.

Since our mission is to always deliver the best ways to yield functional health and wellness in your business and life, we have joined forces with RupaHealth to ensure accurate, and reliable bloodwork testing for a variety of functional health and wellness needs. RupaHealth gives a direct link to local labs near you. Ordering for clinics of all sizes and categories, and offering practitioners 30+ labs all from one place. RupaHealth engages everyone from solo providers making a difference to multi-practitioner clinics. RupaHealth saves you endless amounts of work hours and clarifies the lab ordering process organized, clear, and all in one place. Beginning, 11/1, all Spa Start providers/ business owners will have access to RUPA, as well as an instructional series on how to use their service. This is a huge step in unlocking the capabilities of your IV therapy or functional medicine practice.

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